2023 CICS Low Income Families FREE Income Tax Clinics information slip


  1. 你符合資格嗎?
    • 全年收入上限:
      • 單身人士:$40,000
      • 單親人士 & 夫妻:$50,000 (每個小孩+$2500)
    • 全無租金、投資,商務、自僱、海外收入或資產(不包括海外退休金)、無資 本收益或損失
    • 家庭利息收入少於一千元
    • 服務對像不包括已去世人士、已申請破產人士
  2. 報稅時,必須攜帶以下資料:
    1. 2021 年度T1 報稅存底副本
    2. 2021 年度報稅評估通知書
    3. 社會保險卡或個人稅務號碼(ITN)及居民或公民身份證明文件例如(公民證/移民 紙或楓葉咭 / 難民證明文件
    4. 本人及配偶出生日期、地址及電話
    5. 有關報稅之單據:
      T4 雇主發出之個人收入報稅單 T4A(OAS) 老人金報稅單
      T4A(P) 加拿大退休金報稅單 T4(E) 就業保險金報稅單
      T4A 退休金/年金及其他收入 (CERB, CRB) T4RSP 註冊退休儲蓄計劃
      T4RIF 退休入息基金 T3/T5/T5013 利息/股息收入
      T5007 福利金 / 傷殘援助金 T2202/TL11A 學費
      T2201 傷殘證明
    6. 其它報稅單據/信息:
      • RRSP 供款, 托兒收據/日託費用(保姆姓名及工卡號),地稅/租金,工會/專業 會費,慈善/政黨捐款,醫藥費單,學生貸款利息表,支付的配偶/子女撫養費, 公交費用(例如Presto 收據, 僅適用於65 歲以上), 等等
      • 2022 年移民加拿大的新移民: 入境日期
      • 2022 年出售主要住宅: 買入 & 賣出日期,賣出收益,成本支出
      • 2022 年因COVID-19 而在家工作的總天數
      • 受撫養人(孩子)名字,生日, 工卡號,2022 年淨收入(23600 欄)
  1. Who are eligible:
    • Annual income not exceeding:
      • Individual/Single: $40,000
      • Single Parent & Couples: $50,000 (+ $2,500 for each additional dependant)
    • No rental, investment, business, self-employment, overseas incomes or assets (excluding overseas pension), no capital gains or losses;
    • Interest income less than $1,000 per family;
    • No filing for deceased individuals and those who have applied for bankruptcy.
  2. Information/Documents to bring to file tax return
    1. Copy of T1 general for 2021
    2. 2021 Notice of Assessment
    3. SIN card/ ITN and Proof of status s: (PR card / Confirmation of Landing / citizen card / refugee document)
    4. Date of Birth, Address in English, telephone number for both you and your spouse
    5. Taxation slips of (if applicable):
      T4 Employment income
      T4A (OAS) Old Age Security
      T4A (P) Canada Pension
      T4(E) Employment Insurance
      T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and other Income
      T4RSP Retirement Savings Plan
      T3/T5/T5013 Interest/dividends Income
      T4RIF Retirement Income Fund
      T2202/TL11A Tuition
      T5007 Social Assistance/Supplement Income
      T2201 Disability Certificate
    6. Other information slips/receipts:
      • RRSP Contribution, Day care expenses (Name & S.I.N. of babysitter), property tax / rental receipt, Union/ Professional Dues, Charitable/political party Donations, medical expenses, Student Loan Interest Statement, Spousal/ Child Support Paid, Public transit (e.g. Presto statement) – only for 65+.
      • Newcomers who immigrated to Canada in 2022: date of entry into the Canada
      • Sale of Principal Residence in 2022: Purchase & Sale Dates, Proceeds of Disposition, Adjusted Cost Base
      • Total number of days you worked from home due to COVID-19 in 2022
      • Dependent (child) name, date of birth, SIN number, 2022 net income (column 23600)

For registration details of the tax clinics, please refer to the flyers for each location:

Immigrant Resource Centre and Toronto Integrated Service Centre

Markham South Welcome Centre

Newmarket Centre