From Garden to Kitchen

The mandate of CICS is to empower immigrants in settling and contributing as members of Canadian society through diverse, professional and innovative services. Active living and food programming are essential elements to a healthy community as they effectively address many issues affecting new immigrants and their integration in Canada. CICS launched its own community garden in 2011 and opened a commercial-grade community kitchen in 2013. We also developed a community garden plot in York Region and are a part of the York Region Food Network. We are glad to offer a variety of gardening and kitchen programs along our development. Residents of all ages and from all walks of life are welcome to join our programs and workshops to improve knowledge, life skills and health. Participants will get to share garden harvests, engage in cooking and food preparation sessions and participate in communal meals. Check the programs below and contact us.

Community Garden:

  • Community Planting Day
    • Open event to involve community to plant seedlings in the community garden, with gardening workshops available for everyone.
  • Garden Fun Fair
    • Open event to invite the community into the CICS community garden to enjoy music, performances and games. The purpose is to encourage healthy eating and food education.
  • Good Food Market
    • Provide affordable, seasonal, organic vegetables from the CICS Community Garden and other local farmers. Food vendors are welcome to table at the markets.
  • Adult Community Gardening
  • Youth Volunteer Gardening Group
    • Ongoing afterschool program to guide youth in garden maintenance over the summer, and to engage youth in creative garden projects at other times.
  • Garden Therapy
    • Inclusive community gardening programs aim to improve mental and physical health through gardening
  • Peer Nutrition Gardening Program
    • Partnership with the Toronto Public Health Peer Nutrition Program to engage participants in environmental and nutritional education through activity in the garden
  • Summer Community Garden
    • Partnership with York Region Food Network to provide newcomer youth the opportunity to learn about community gardening, enjoy outdoor activities and earn volunteer hours with a good cause
  • Youth EcoAmbassadors Program
    • Partnership with Evergreen Brick Works to train youth to be environmental stewards
    • It is an exciting 8-week program combines environmental education with hands on leadership opportunities

Logo of TD Community Kitchen

Food & Health Literacy:

  • Youth can cook!
  • Boys cook too
  • Community cooking circle
  • Food Handler Training
    • This is a Professional and Personal Development program for adults to learn How to handle, prepare, and store food properly
    • Training includes how to prevent food-borne illnesses and avoid the consumption of contaminated foods by practicing safe food handling techniques
  • Nutrition Facts Workshop
  • Intergenerational Cooking Challenge
  • Peer Nutrition Program
    • A partnership program with the Toronto Public Health to teach parents to prepare nutritious food for early years children
  • Professional Postnatal Caregiver Certificate Course
  • Bake for a Cause
    • Youth learn basic baking and cookie decorating skills as well as marketing and interpersonal skills
  • Zumba Fitness & Healthy Eating Project
    • Stay fit and promote healthy living in your community
  • Cook & Lunch with a Chef
    • An intergenerational cooking and communal meal event
  • Food Handler Certification Program for Youth
    • Partnership with York Region Public Health
    • We teach youth participants how to safely prepare, store and serve food